Alex Hansen is an internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist that creates from his own inspirations at levels of the highest standards. Awarded in multiple festivals and competitions all over the world for body painting and Special FX makeup; Alex is driven to push himself further as an artist with every success or achievement.

His amazing talent and experience have built an international first class reputation over the years. His ever growing art form extends from airbrush murals and illustrations to Sculpting, Costume Design, and his unique forte: Body Paint. As a 5 time World Champion for Special FX and Airbrush Body painting, Alex Hansen enjoys teaching seminars and makeup classes all around the world sharing his techniques, entertaining and inspiring the artistic communities with his open personality.

As an experienced Airbrush artist, Alex Hansen plays a large role in the Body Painting community as well as the Make-up field, having big Hollywood productions in his Resume such as "300", "Death Race", "The Aviator", "The day after tomorrow" and "Immortals".



Eva workshop (3h) on Saturday

You will discover all the possibilities you have using Eva Foam (fun foam) to build up basic structures following designs traced, cut, glued, and paint. After having a basic shape, you can add almost anything to decorate these head pieces, props, and costume accessories which are a wonderful complement for body painting!!


Airbrush Advanced (3h) on Sunday

Attention: you need to bring your own compressor and airbrush gun(s). Let us know in time when this is not possible.




Airbrush Advanced (6h) Tuesday 27 March
Attention: you need to bring your own compressor and airbrush gun(s). Let us know in time when this is not possible.

This intensive Airbrush class with Alex Hansen is best suitable for those, who want to bring their Airbrush skills to perfection and to give their artwork a personal note. Alex is going to concentrate on each participant individually to sort out strenght and weakness to increase the quality of your work. Easy methods and exciting tricks to support your creativity and to bring your concept on the body are in the focus of his class.

Out of the box thinking.... (preparation, inspiration, ideas, concepts, creativity)
Tools (Airbrushes, Accessories, compressors, products)
Techniques and exercises (advanced techniques)
Stencils (Design and techniques)
And of course during the day is under the focus of practical work. On your own model you create an Airbrush bodypainting under the creative and professional guidance of Alex


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