26 years ago I started  painting  bodies and created almost 700 different artworks since then. I use my fantasy and creativity in my  designs who are mostly  abstract and an expression of creating with paint  at that particular moment.  I won the 3rd place in the category „brush and sponge“  at the world bodypaintfestival . To get more experience  in working with details  I became a certified make-up artist. Besides bodypainting and make-up my passion is photography. I am the photographer of all my  artwork. During painting I already think about the composition in the photo. The last years I am asked beiing a judge for bodypaint contests in the Netherlands and had the honour of judging at  the Europeon Bodypaint Festival. I love trying  to find new ways  and bring myself out of comfort and see what happens in the moment of painting itself.



If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change (3h) on Sunday

This workshop is about strengthen your skills,  creativity and fantasy. Time to stimulate your fantasy. Rely on  the possibilities you have. Not copying a photo or drawing but using your creativity .  Creating in  the moment itself. It is a playground to learn from  yourself and others. The exciting  experience what happens when you get in flow.  Feel invited to discover  the beauty of the most important instrument in bodypainting... YOU!