Monique Lily is an accomplished Artist from Amsterdam. She started Face Painting in 2009 and immediately fell in love with it. Specializing in eye designs, she taught her first class in 2011 and expanded her talents by graduating from Dik Peeters Make-up School in 2012 focusing on Beauty Make-up and Hair styling. Monique soon ventured into the world of Body Painting and Photography where she is making her mark in the industry as well.


Throughout her art career, Monique has taught in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and will soon be appearing in the USA in New Jersey, and at the East Coast Convention in Hartford, Connecticut. As well as teaching, she has done Demos for MEHRON at WBF in Austria, Dusseldorf, Germany, The School for Performing Arts in Grand Prairie, Texas, The Dallas-Ft Worth Face Painters Guild, and has painted for the last 4 years at the Great Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas.




Introduction workshop (2h) on Saturday

Specifically for the first-timers we have an introduction workshop.

Are you a first-timer at EFABE, slightly nervous and no idea what to expect? Do you have doubts about your painting skills? Monique Lily will introduce EFABE to you and answer all your questions.

So start with this class!

Or if you want to wake-up smoothly and prepare for the busy EFABE programme, if you want to go back to the basics..... feel welcome too!

EFABE die-hard Monique Lily will tell you everything you should know.

In the meantime she will refresh your sponge and brush skills to give you a kick start for the EFABE workshops.

This workshop includes: product knowledge, teardrops, positioning.... and joy!


Mystic lines (2h)

Crisp lines… delicate or bold, they make your designs look amazing! But it’s so much fun when it’s more then just teardrops and swirls.  Monique Lily’s Mystical lines…. New, Recognizable and adaptable for any design! So much fun to just play with and create a fun and new design.. or…  If you want something different with your basis designs….. replace your lines with Mystic lines… you have something totally new!