I'm absolutely thrilled to be returning to EFABE this year. I started my teaching career at EFABE in 2014 and have been teaching around the USA, Canada and Holland since then. I've been a featured instructor at Face Paint University 2014, East Coast Convention 2014-2015, FPBA St. Louis 2015, 2016, 2017, Kidvention West 2017 and FABAIC 2017.


I've been invited to teach workshops all around the USA in Arizona, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Oregon, Florida, Illinois and in 2017 was invited to teach in Toronto, Amsterdam & Belgium.

In addition to live classes, I have tutorials online on with my Painted Party channel and recently started the Denise Cold channel specifically for face painters. I've also filmed classes for Silly Farm's subscription instructional site FABAtv and have many hour long classes featured there.

I'm a working face painter in Utah and so most of my income is from birthday parties, festivals and corporate events so the designs I do and teach are achievable on-the-job speed designs that you can do in about 8 minutes or less. I strive to help my students become the best face painters they can be by perfecting their face painting skills and helping them use the tools available in stunning and impressive ways.

I'm not a trained artist, but through practice, education and dedication, I've become an excellent craftsman in the art of face painting and can help you overcome the barriers that are keeping you from being the best face painter you can be.


STARBLEND DEMO (Saturday night 20.30h)

If you’ve been curious about Mehron’s Starblend foundation powders or already have them but are mystified about how best to use them, you don’t want to miss this demonstration. Denise will provide an FAQ and show you how to use them as a base for face painting and shading regular paints and how to mix new colors and repress them into smaller pots or fix cracked ones.




One stroke Depth & Dimension (2h)

See your Mehron Prisma cakes in a whole new way. Discover the power of your cakes to add depth and dimension to your full-face designs with the speed to accomplish these designs at parties and festivals.

Denise will not only show you her awesome face painting designs, but we will work in class to add dimension to your own face paintings by using a combination of one-stroke technique, stencils and blending to add complexity to your own designs.


Petal Pals (2h)

Petal sponges fit perfectly in the Mehron Prisma cakes and are wonderful for sponging butterflies, cats and tigers but in this class we are going to use the unique shape of the sponge to unlock a whole cast of characters to use as cheek art or build into whimsical and delightful face paintings.

Once you get started with these designs, it’s hard to stop! Denise will show you many little characters, build them into face painting designs, give you add-on ideas and then we’ll all start designing our own to “collect them all” and go home with a pocket full of friends and brimming with ideas for more.




Dare to décolletage (6h) Friday March 23rd

Somewhere between full body painting and face painting is a beautiful area of the woman's body called the décolletage that includes the bust line, shoulders and neck. It's the last area to age and a very sexy and sensual place to be painted. This super popular class has been a joy to teach as each student expands their one-stroke skills and discovers their own hidden beauty.

It is advised that students have beginning one-stroke skills as we will dive right into floral and feminine design elements like roses, lilies, hibiscus, daisies, orchids, sunflowers, poinsettias & leaves. Then we will discuss how to arrange them, classic floral design, keeping flow, and how to photograph your model.

The last hours will be yours to paint a décolletage design of your own. Bring a sketch or pictures of décolletage designs that inspire you. You may also want to bring silk flowers, head pieces, scarfs or jewels to enhance the photography of your model. Don’t miss this opportunity with the EFABE photographer to get a great portfolio piece, with my guidance, for your portfolio.


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