My name is Elisa Griffith and i'm originally from Pesaro Italy. I started my journey as a makeup artist in 2005 ( working for different makeup counters and freelancing) and then soon after discovered the world of face and body painting. I love to mix makeup and face painting together creating different looks and textures when i create a piece. My favorite things to paint are Venetian masks that you could find at at the Venetian Carnival. Makeup is my life and I'm so grateful of being a part of such an amazing community full of artists!



Ultimate Makeup Workshop (2h)

Elisa will cover every secret for a flawless makeup application not only for your clients but for you too! Learn how to look great and feel great by enhancing your beauty and the one of those around you. Learn how to increase your income by adding amazing makeup skills to your business. From fast makeup looks to more complicated ones Elisa will guide you through all the step necessary to be confident for your next event! She will answer all the questions you have and give you hand outs to make the learning process easier. You don't want to miss it!


Venetian masks and masquerade designs workshop (2h)

Join Elisa as she teaches you the art of designing Venetian masks! This class will take your masks skill level to the max! Elisa will teach designs that are good for kids, teens and adults and she is sure they will become your favorites! Masks can be painted at fast pace events and for private appointments.Be ready for a class that will transport you all the way to Italy in the middle of the Venetian Carnival!



All about powders (6h) Tuesday 27 March

In this class we will learn the magic of Beauty Makeup from everyday to Fantasy. The first part of the class is great for people that want to learn how to look professional and confident by enhancing their own beauty and the beauty of their clients. In the second part of the class we will go over Fantasy Makeup by mixing eyeshadows, face paint and airbrush together. Great skill to know for photoshoots. Private appointments and much more. Learn to be a makeup artist for the stars!

Come and have fun with powders! In this awesome post class Elisa Griffith will teach great techniques for working with her powders, or any other powders you can find. Powders are a great alternative to paint when it’s hot outside and they are amazing for so many things! From eyeshadow, to face painting base,contouring and stencil work! This class will show you how to maximize your use of them! So come join Elisa for this exciting workshop!


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