Natalee Davies: Aged 41 is born and raised in Sydney Australia. She is the mother of 3 beautiful boys and has an artistic flair from the time she could hold a paintbrush. Painting on canvas and drawing was her childhood passion, and she was makeup obsessed from 6 years of age.

To take that to the next level, she followed a makeup course in 1995 and started her own face painting business in 2005 as a hobby. As of 2007 corporate bookings followed including Disney on Ice. Natalee started to teach her beautiful skills as of 2010 and now travels the world to teach her wonderful butterflies and other whimsical techniques.




Fast and fabulous faces (2h)

Natalee’s unique approach to face painting is a beautiful blend of makeup artistry and face painting.. With “Real Time” face painting in mind this class teaches you how to create fast and fabulous designs that you can use on every job.

Natalee's unique “sponge free", one Stroke methods teaching perfect brush loading, focal point focus, flawless blending, sophistication and marketing that will bridges the gap from the makeup world to the face painting world... capturing a new target market for your business..



Facepaint (6h) Friday 23 (FULL)

Facepaint (6h) Monday 26


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