Sarah Smith

United Kingdom

Bio.... I've been an Illustrator for many years and love transferring my illustrative skills into face and Bodyart. I took to face painting around five years ago, expanding into bodyart in 2014.

I adore painting anything and relish those days when children ask for challenging designs. I don't feel that I have a single area I'm most effective at as I try to turn my hand to as many different types of painting as possible, (though I do have a big soft spot for airbrush and uv)! I have taught many things in my short but intense career so far, from realistic illusion style animal faces to cool mixed gender facepaint designs to beginners/intermediate airbrush classes with many glowing references.




Characters and Creatures (2h) (Facepaint)

Children love them all! From dragons to mermaids, Pokemon to Deadpool, we love them all too! Together we can make those masks more exciting and those dreaded characters easier to create. Placement - creativity - impact. We've got this!



Airbrush bodypaint class (6h) Friday 23rd of March

An airbrush is an amazing tool! I started using mine a little over three years ago ( it will be four years in October) and I adore it!

While it can seem daunting it doesn't have to be.

In my class we will talk about care and cleaning for a start and then jump right in! We'll get that trigger finger warmed up, position the airbrush in your hand the way it should held and make the world a more colourful place with blends, dots, dashes and lines... Lovely wavy, swirling lines 😁 and once we've created an abstract masterpiece of practice and perfection we'll put those skills together by painting an image which incorporates all those wonderful new skills.

The force is strong in you... Let's awaken it.


Every student needs to bring a model for this Full Day class. Contact if you need help with that!


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