Moldavia / spain

I’m Olga Murasev, professional face painter, instructor and the founder of the first online face painting Course - International Face Painting School. You may also know me from my YouTube channel or perhaps you've seen my artwork on Facebook. I started face painting as a hobby in 2011 and it soon developed into a full-time career. I’ve always played around with art so creativity is quite natural to me and I was lucky to develop skills for face painting quite quickly. Over the past six years I have created hundreds of original face painting designs, and I have traveled the world to share my art as an instructor. It has been my pleasure to meet and teach so many students in person. From Australia to the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Israel, Kazakhstan and more… it is amazing where the humble art of face painting can take you. In 2013 I visited Australia for the first time as an international instructor, and in 2014, I was a guest instructor at FABAIC in the USA. In 2015, I instructed at the UK Face Painting Convention and was a part of the jury at the European Body Painting Championship in Italy.



Animals - cute, cuddly and realistic (2h)

 In this class, I will demonstrate a selection of cute animals placed variously on the face. You will learn how to find the best placement for your designs, how to create realistic fur effect and how to speed up your work using specific face painting techniques.


Creating your own design - inspiration resources, rules for balanced composition according to the face features (2h)

Saturday 24th of March

In this class, I will teach how to create your own design and how to build the composition on the face according to the face features the way it looks harmonious.